Thursday, May 15, 2008

Leaving Antigua

Well, the job prospects here have pretty much petered out so we are going to move on. There is quite a lot of marine industry here there just aren't any boats left! So, we plan to head south once again on Saturday. We'll sail back to Deshaies, Gaudeloupe and just anchor for the night and then on to Dominica on Sunday. So win-win. Don't get to work and make the money I was hoping for for a new windlass and sail but I get to go sailing! This is the BEST sailing weather of the entire year down here. Easterlies or maybe a little south-easterlies at 10-15 knots. Nice.

This morning, just as the sun was coming up we heard a strange noise under the boat. Something was banging against the underside of the boat back under our aft cabin. What the. . . hey, where's Mismo? Holy Crap! I fly up on deck with a hand full of shorts but wearing none of them looking for the cat. She's nowhere and she's not in the water either. And then, there she comes out from under the boat and right to the rescue ladder that I made for her. She climbed up on her own but was NOT happy. Good news is that she found her way back aboard all on her own and I didn't have to go swimming.

We took the bus to the 'big' town of St. John today to look around and get a few things. One of the things I finally found was my perscription medicine. It's hard to find here because it is free for the residents so the pharmacies don't stock it. What kind of a crazy country gives away free drugs? Sheesh. Give me good old US of A where NO one can afford their medications and have to take a freaking Greyhound to Canada (eh?) to buy them. Anyway, a fun day. We have to get a few things from the grocery tomorrow, hit customs to check out, and of course buy some boat things at the little chandlery here.

So stay tuned for more sailing stories from the high seas!

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