Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hurry and Wait

What a day! On monday we did get Enee launched, took on fuel and water, and gasoline. We motored out to the anchorage and dropped the hook. Nice. So great to be floating again on good old Enee Marie. We wanted to not leave until we could get a detailed weather prediction from Chris Parker on Tuesday morning. So, how about going ashore to call my daughter (new PhD and new Job!) and get some dinner. Good plan except. . .dum dum dum. . . The out board won't start! DAMN! Of course in all the confusion of getting Sue Mismo and I north back in June we neglected to run the fuel out of the engine. Now it's jammed up apparently.

We think of even worse scenarios now. What if storms develope and we CAN'T get ashore. Hmmmm. Well, solutions will present themselves tomorrow so Sue makes a wonderful soup and we crash.

Tuesday morning a miracle happened. The outboard started! Yes. Didn't run well but better and better as it cleaned out its own jets I guess. Weather report from Chris is all clear with no wind wednesday thursday and maybe some on Friday. But today, Tuesday, is probably the best day to sail the 100 miles south to Bequia.

Here are the current projected tracks of some Atlantic disturbances from weatherunderground.

Did I mention that my daughter got her PhD in Physics?

Mismo seems to be much happier (doesn't bite us as much) now that she is back on board. She is back crawling inside the sail cover and climbing the foresail.

Like our friends say, all plans are chipped in Jell-O! Next report from Bequia. . . .maybe.


LeahC said...

I do have a PhD in physics. woo.

I'm so excited, I sent you e-mail this morning asking if the problem was because of a fuel clog. Maybe I was right about stuff I don't know anything about! Maybe a good guess :-)

Safe Sails!

Sally said...

Congrats to daughter Leah, PhD! And have a safe trip.