Saturday, August 16, 2008

In Bequia

Yah, still here (Bequia) but not for long. We really like it here. Calm anchorage. Boats coming and going. Enough store stuff on shore but not too much. Probably even better during the busy season as some places are totally closed.

Sue went to the local hospital yesterday for an annoying rash that has been bothering her. They told her to keep up with the cream she has been putting on, gave her a shot of antihistamine, and told her to limit sun exposure. Nice people. Total cost including the shot? Zero. As is not unusual. They do take donations and we were glad to offer up a small one of our own.

We’ve been plagued with propane bottle problems for months. We replaced one steel one with a plastic/carbon fiber one in St. Maarten. I replaced the other steel one here with another steel one. I think the bottle itself and the valve have become terminally rusted so it was time. Have to keep an eye on this steel one and sand and paint it on occasion as the sea air does it’s thing.

We’ll probably shop for some food items today (Saturday) and then go around the corner and anchor on the southern shore tomorrow in Friendship Bay. We think that location will give a good view of the islands to the south.


brian said...

Rash . . . Hmmm. Sue must be continually exposed to some kind of irritant. Wonder what that could be?

arachesostufo said...

you are in paradise...

ciao da scorzè

Scott said...

Thanks and hello to our new commenter. Looking at your profile I see that you are in one of OUR favorite places. Exotic and wonderful VENICE! Keep reading and commenting.