Sunday, December 07, 2008

Merchant Mariners

On Saturday we set up our table at the True Blue resort for their annual Holiday Bazarre. I sold 7 books and Sue sold 5 of her Caribbean calendars. Besides that we met a lot of people who we only knew by voice from the morning VHF cruisers net.

There's Sue setting up our table.>>>>>>>>>>

Our neighbors at the bazarre were some German ladies, Ursula and Lilo, who have actual stores on the island. They kept taking some tables near us and moving their stuff closer and closer to us until I finally said, 'Holy Crap, I feel like Austria with the Germans invading! They laughed. Yes! Germans with a sense of humor!

All in all a good day. Selling stuff and hanging out in a really pretty ocean side bar/restaurant.

The semi-famous author>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Santa even stopped by (but didn't buy anhting!) Look an actual person (Kevin from Exodus) reading my book!

Today then is my official day off. Silandra is not launched yet. They wanted to last week but the surveyor for the insurance company said that the bilge pumps really should be operational first. I've jumped from freezer door builder to bilge pump shelf builder/installer. This boat has 3 huge bilge pumps. One each for the forward, mid-ships, and engine room bilges. Each weighs about 20 pounds and can draw up to 3o amps!


Brian said...

I have that same hat you have. Deborah calls it my "OnGolden Pond" hat. It stays hidden most of the time.

garyterrisail said...

Hey, Enee Marie!
This is Gary the captain of Adm. Terri's Endeavour 40, Sabbatical.
Yep, we're teacher's. Both at Lib Arts colleges in COLD New England. We lived aboard Sabbatical for 9 mos. in 2003. We've just caught up in your blog. We discovered it in Ocean Navigator and followed you all to Grenada. We actually chartered out of St. Vincent a few years ago and loved Bequia and the Tobago Keys! Still have the tee shirt! A couple of years behind you, though. Still love teaching. Hope to hear from you about travels and boat repairs! Stay well, and Merry Christmas.
Gary and Terri Beckett, S/V Sabbatical, End. 40 #201

Anonymous said...

Hey Scott - I've never actually met you, only read your postings. Do you or anyone you know need a boat sitter for a few years? Also, would I need a passport to get down there? Just wondering

Rod B.

Scott said...

Welcome aboard. Yes you need a passport to go just about anywhere these days. Go get one. Boat sitting... Hmmmmm...There may be some opportunities there in the not too distant future. E-mail me for more private discussion. email is on the side bar.