Monday, July 04, 2011

Good News - Bad News

Good News: Auto-pilot parts came in

Bad News: Doesn't work. :(

Yeah, they have a series of things you go through to set the system up and it started fine and then when it was supposed to go to the mode where you set it up at rest it just went to STANBY. So, tomorrow I'll call Raymarine and they'll probably tell me to send the whole freaking thing in for diagnostics or that I'm SOL because I installed it myself instead if hiring a guy with a high school education (maybe) at $50 an hour to connect wires according to a diagram for me.

I swear to Jupiter, this boat is sailing on Wednesday and if I have a $5000 hurricane anchor down below well then so be it!

Good news: I got new handles on the dodger installed today to replace the ones that were stolen (so neener. . .I win!). We like those. They're right where you really want something to grab on to if you're coming aft from the foredeck.

More Good News: Got the new lettering on the transom today. Sue did all the tough work standing in a rocking dinghy trying to make things straight.

Looks great, eh? (excuse my Canadian, eh?)

Kudos to Sue for making it perfect! I love having a boat in Grenada with a hailing port of CHICAGO!

Yeah, it's freaking cold in the winter, eh, BRING A JACKET!


Finally, a sad note. . .Shirley, the very nice lady that worked in the tool room at Spice Island Marine where I worked for a time was killed last week being hit by a car. She was a nice lady and always happy to talk to Sue and I when we were in the yard. As Kurt Vonnegut would say:

"So it goes".


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Freestyle Cruiser said...

It is a bummer about the auto-pilot parts and I am sorry for the loss of the lady you knew. Sometimes the seas are rough, but I am sure you will weather the storm!