Sunday, March 27, 2005

Music via Ipod

There are probably some more important issues when fitting out for a long cruise like we are but having music on board can really make life more pleasant. I got the idea to put all music on an Ipod and then play it through some speakers. This way we don't have racks of CD cases to deal with. My good friend Gary, the audio wizard, agreed and bought us an Ipod for a going away present! Thanks Gary! I've found that I can play the ipod through a set of powered computer speakers and it sounds great. Gary loaded over 3000 songs onto the ipod and it is only half full! This is a great solution to having music aboard a small boat.

Sue and I are both on spring break this week and hope to begin to accomplish some boat projects Including...

Building a small box/counter in the space where the oven used to be. We've purchased a small two burner alchohol stove which will make for much storage underneath where the oven used to be.
Installing the new inverter I just received from (no kidding) It's 300 watts and pure sine wave so should work for recharging computer, camera, ipod etc. I plan that when we are on the engine for one reason or another we will also use that alternator time to recharge our various electronic devices.
Stare at the rudder again and consider how to take some of the play out of it.
Refinish new spreaders I've built and put them back on the mast
Check out wires in the mast and fix steaming light.
Probably replace exhaust's got a little leak right where it joins the checkvalve. Probably means the whole thing should be replaced. Don't want that to split somewhere out in the middle of the lake.
Change oil and filters, coolant, trans fluid on engine
General clean up and organize.

Stay tuned for pics and updates as our outfitting picks up steam

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