Thursday, March 31, 2005

new rudder on the way!

Well, we had to make a decision fast. I could have taken off the old rudder and messed with it, tried to dry it out (it haswater in it), repair the broken and cracked fiberglass and so on. To get a new one though is going to take 4-6 weeks if we're lucky! Catalina direct, the people who make parts for old Catalinas, can't promise. So we orderd it because to wait is to really flirt with disaster. We HAVE to get out of Chicago on June 12 or we will run out of summer before we can make Norfolk VI. June 12 gives us plenty of time but that assumes that nothing serious breaks along the way. I am going to write to them often to see how things are going and see if they can hurry things along for us.

Today I'm staying in Des Plaines (city of DESTINY) to build the box that will replace the area where the stove was. Our small two burner alcohol stove will be afixed to the top of this then. Got to get this done while I still have my tools.

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LeahC said...

I think you'll be fine on the rudder. 6 weeks from now is just May 12th. That gives you an extra month of wiggle room.

As far as opening day tickets go though...the game is in a week and we still don't have the tickets.....getting a little tight for me.