Thursday, March 31, 2005

Some progress

Not a whole lot on the boat front today, although... I cancelled my rudder order with Catalina and ordered one from They can ship me a new rudder in 2-3 weeks instead of the maybe 5-6 from Catalina. This outfit got high marks from my friends at the C30 e-mail list.

I built the box that will become the galley cabinet and stove holder. This will fit easily into the space left by the old oven. I'll then put a frame with door over this to seal up and to make it look nice. The final fit of front and top will happen at the boat so I can get to really fit. There are practically no square corners on a boat so the best way is to fit and trim and fit and trim (swear) fit and break something and finally fit it perfectly.

Tomorrow we'll take that box up and begin to re-bed through-hulls for head and engine. We also have to put the new spreaders onto the mast in preparation for having it stepped later this spring.

Finally, we found an extended stay place in Elk Grove village which is near here. That will be our temporary lodgings from April 26-May 26 when then boat is launched and we move aboard for good

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