Thursday, August 11, 2005

Another day in Castleton on the Hudson

Not much to report. I cleaned the dingy today as it was blackened from the exhaust from the engine when we pull her close upon anchoring or pulling into a marina. I think I'll take to towing her farther back and then pulling her along side rather then up close to the transom. Looks a lot better.

Also moved one anchor to the aft rail along with its chain and rode in preparation for anchoring in the changing tides of the Hudson. I think I'll try dropping a stern and a bow anchor to hold us in place when we anchor. The tide is around 4 feet in the river and can flow at 5 knots they say although I've not seen that while here. Perhaps further south the tidal current picks up.

Laid in what supplies I could find at the local convenience store. What a scary place that can be. When I went there was guy sitting in a little booth they have there for eating (what?) who was wearing no shirt but sporting about 700 tattoos (why waste 'em with a shirt?) and about 6 teeth. The check out girl talked to me a little but she has yet to master enunciation with her new tongue stud. Ahh...More quaintness along a river. We're not ready for much anchoring food wise but we won't starve. Maybe Sue and I will find more food between here and NYC.

OH and of course I read and napped. Don't want to forget the essentials. Tomorrow Sue returns from Chicago and we'll try to make some distance south before the tide begins to flood. It's been great to have internet every day here in Castleton. Next report could be from the Big Apple! Stay tuned!


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