Friday, August 26, 2005

Mamaroneck to Oyster Bay to Northport Long Island!

Pictures are on their way. Sue forgot to bring the camera and so this entry is sans photos, but believe me there are many photos to come.

Northport: WE are currently on an orange mooring ball in Northport. The killer swans greeted us as we arrived. We took the launch boat into town and after walking in the wrong direction for 4 blocks found the very quaint and friendly downtown. Wifi is free in this coffe shop because someone upstairs is wired. We promise to bring more detail with photos in the next blog. Not sure where we'll go from here. The wind is almost non existent so we may just stay here another day. Stay tuned......

Thoughts from an evening at a mooring in Oyster Bay:

Here we are at CA8. Mooring ball CA8 in Oyster Bay, Long Island.

We left Mamaroneck mid day after talking to a boat broker about selling Enee and buying the next boat then having breakfast at the diner down the road. We talked about the great anchorage we had the night before, though we moved 3 times before finding the appropriate depth needed in the 8 foot tide differential that occurs twice a day at Mamaroneck. Look out for those “Pop Rocks” wherever they may be.

We raised the main at anchor, let the main sheet loose and played with the traveler lines to make sure everything was free and easy. Then up the anchor and off we go. We had the engine running but didn’t really need it. Sure, let’s make that red buoy marking the channel just to be sure about depths. On to the next place. Well the wind is mostly from the northeast so let’s head south to Oyster Bay. What a great sail.

At first we thought we broke the wind and then it picked up and gusted for the next 3 hours as we headed southeast. As it turns out we were on a beam reach with wind gusts of (guessing 15 to 20) and we’re heeled over plenty. Sue thinks 20 degrees. At some point we loosened the main to sail a bit flatter. All in all we cruised (6 and sometimes a brief 7 knots) along the Sound to Oyster Bay. Heading into the bay we sailed with whitecaps and finally when we were in the lee of the shore decided to roll in the genny and a few moments later take down the main.

Hey, that secluded area we thought we would anchor in also has white caps lapping away. Let’s not go that far. Okay. How about taking a mooring ball here at the Oyster Bay Marina. Good idea. Scott calls them on the radio and after two attempts finally identifies a ball that is not already taken. Who could figure out their numbering system!

The wind has subsided, the racing boats have just headed out, and here we are cooking dinner and looking at the sun set. The sky is clear, the water is a blue you can’t describe and the sun is shedding a light that everyone could see with no matter what their prescription (or seeing eye rays).

When do we pay for this mooring ball? There are tender boats about but none come our way. Is this a freebie because of the original confusion of assigned balls? A mystery yet to be solved. Right now, the chicken and left over spaghetti is about ready. Would you like a glass of wine with dinner?

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Would you like a glass of wine with dinner?

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