Wednesday, August 17, 2005

We're in New York!

Hello to all. This is Scott and Sue being appropriarely shocked and awed while passing West Point on the Hudson. We've had a few adventures while travelling down the Hudson that I'll save for another time when I have more time to write. We are moored at the 79th st. Boat Basin in New York City. Nice enough if a little pricey but, hey, it's New York.

We've met up with Daughter and son-in-law here and are having fun exploring New York City. We will be here through Friday and then either we will go explore Long Island Sound or head south for Atlantic City and the Cheasapeak.

Can't really believe we pushed our old '78 this far but all is well with boat and crew.

Thanks to all who write and comment as usual.


Lisa said...

I love the shock and awe photo as you enter new york city...have a great visit with Leah and Jason...

Gracie Liberation Front said...

Give Hillary a big kiss on behalf of cool cats everywhere (and pull of the Donald's toupee while you are at it).

Get Gracie a big corned beef sandwich.

Cough Cough - Hairball

Chairman Meow

Rich P said...

Glad to hear you're all OK and that you didn't fall prey to the nasty cabbies, vagrants, and out-of-their-friggin'-minds street people of NYC. Keep in touch.

Cindy said...

We'll be looking for you on a deli tray from Rupert...that ought to store well on the boat...Yikes!

Gracie Liberation Front said...

Evil Rumor #47

GLF sources have reported that due to the high cost of docking in NYC, Scott and Sue have been reduced to renting Gracie out as bait. The following picture has been submitted as proof:

Oh the shame. Oh, the woe. Oh, the poor kittyness of it all.

Frank would stop singing New York, New York if he knew. Well, I guess he stopped singing altogether, didn't he? Death will do that to you.

Let's all wear black to the litter pan.

Frieda Pussy!

Chairman Meow