Monday, March 27, 2006

282 days to Key West

Yes fans...we've made it! After 282 days of the Great Lakes, Erie Canal, Long Island, buying a new boat, the ICW, keeping the dirt on the starboard side, sailing the Atlantic, numerous breakdowns, and two months in Ft. Lauderdale we are at land's end. The place not the store! We are very happy and more than a little amazed that we've actually made it!

We got here in two very nice sailing hops. From Boot Key we went into New Found harbor and spent three great days anchored outside of our friend Larry's brother's (Mike) house on Ramrod Key. Good people, and good FOOD! It is very shallow here but Mike came out and helped to lead us into a nice 7-9 foot deep anchorage.

From there ANOTHER nice sail into Key West. This means that we actually SAILED the entire Hawk Channel from Miami to Key West with motor only getting onto and off the anchor! What a treat. In Key West we are anchored just west of downtown off of a little island called Christmas Island (I think). Lots of abandoned sailboats washed up on the shores of this island so I guess this is NOT where to be for hurricane season! We will spend maybe as much as a month here while deciding our next destination and getting our front sail cover repaired and taking care of some other minor things. Since our arrival here the wind has not stopped blowing 20 knots out of the north making our anchorage a little (ok a LOT) rolly. The wind is supposed to clock around to the NE and then E and we hope that will allow the channel to calm down a bit.

More pics to come but blogger is being BAD!


Andrea said...


NeverAnonymous said...

Kudos & Congratulations! You have made it to the Keys. Is Andrea (see above) single and cute, cause I'm available to come down too... I'm also available for Fantasy Fest Observance next October, and whenever you feel like heading south to da islands mon.

Smooth sailing,

brian said...

What's going on? Is this site turning into some kind of on line dating service? We're finally into the sailing season up here. At least the preparation season. It's good to be doing something. I've revarnished our sole. You probably thought I didn't have one. Keep us all posted. Bill and I will be down there next fall.

deborah said...

I see a smile on Sue's face. Congrats on making it to the Keys.

Andrea said...

Andrea is indeed single, but considers herself too old to be called "cute. Plus my new haircut makes me look like an evil matron in a bad women's prison movie. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
See Brian - this can't be a dating website - I'm actually telling the truth!