Thursday, March 16, 2006

Pictures from the near past...

Here we are in the Overseas Lounge in Marathon Fl. They have free wifi, beer, food, sports, live music, pool table, games, and friendly people. All that's missing is a cot to nap on! Anyway, here's some pictures from our launch in Ft. Lauderdale down to our anchorage in Boot Key Harbor.

Finally Enne gets launched from her parking place in Ft. Lauderdale. Launching is always gut-wrenching. But the crew at Pier 17 are pros and nothing to worry. And no leaks detected as Enee touched down!
However, starting was another in it didn't! Turned out to be a minor matter of wires that were not reconnected after doing some initial engine work back in January.

Once in the water, Sue jumped up the mast to connect our 'Mack Pack'. This is our new sail cover that allows us to just drop the sail into this pack and then zip it up. A great addition to a boat with a very high boom such as ours.

Happy sailors heading for Miami!
Well, Sue IS really happy. Just has trouble showing it!

Here we are on the anchor just off of Key Biscayne. Where's BeeBee Rebozo? Nice sunset too!

More pics later as we are enjoying our little stay here in Boot Key Harbor. Oh yeah...GO IU!


deborah said...

nice looking boat

Andrea said...

It's a rare thing to be able to refer to BeeBee Robozo twice in 2 consecutive days.

terry said...

either the wifi connection is bad or updating this blog has become a chore..I've still got a month and a half before our boat goes in the we still reply on your reports to keep u sane.