Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Back up the Keys

Good bye Key West and here we go back up the chain of Florida Keys. We had a great stay in Key West and I got a lot of good work done on the book. On Tuesday we sailed to New Found Harbor but not alone. Not at all! We were joined by our good friends from Burnham Harbor Chicago - Larry, Pat and Jeff. (That's Jeff and Larry sailing Enee. Good Crew!) Also along was Larry's brother Mike and their friend Marv. Mike lives in New Found Harbor about 28 miles along the chain of keys. Marv and Mike trolled all the way up but not a strike. Just like when I would go fishing with my dad! We had anchored out by Mikes place last spring when we were south bound. It was sure great to be able to take everyone sailing . . . and no breakdowns this time! The wind was pretty light but we were able to keep both sails up while we motor sailed up the Hawk Channel. Plenty of pilots on board to help us negotiate the shallows into the anchorage about a half mile from Mikes place on Ramron Key. That's Pat enjoying a day at sea. Nice.

This coming Friday we will probably make for Marathon and Boot Key Harbor. We have arranged to have a haul-out there so we can throw a coat of paint on the bottom. It has been nearly a year since we painted her in Ft. Lauderdale and getting all barnacled up and scraped in Ft. Myers has probably not done the paint job any good at all. I'm excited and scared to see my bottom!

While we're out of the water I hope to cap an old seacock that is only for the air conditioning which I'm sure will never work anyway. It is a scary looking arrangement and I don't like worrying about that old seacock.

Our friends, Joe and Peg, who we met way back when we started the ICW in fall of '05 are anchored there now and we look forward to hooking up with them.


Now then. . . for any of you that remember me promoting Coffee Plantation in Key West as a nice internet cafe. . . I take it all back. I take it back because I was summarily kicked out for not spending enough money and sitting around too long. What an ass that owner is. I always bought something because that is fair. If there is a money or time limit then they should post it. I wrote him to tell him how embarrased and tricked I felt. He told me that the final straw for him was when he saw Sue put napkins in her purse! First of all, I've known Sue for over 20 years and in that time she has never even OWNED a purse. Needless to say I've not known her to steal napkins either. So this owner needs to really calm down (his name is Theo). If you go to Key West enjoy the town but there are other places to get coffee and internet. Free at the library and they don't kick you out. Go to any of them but please skip Coffee Plantation or take plenty of money.


LeahC said...

yeah that owner is an idiot for not letting yo work there. i have never heard of that....and sue carry a purse? uh i don't think so.

Gracie Liberation Front said...

Be sure to thank Sue for the nice origami napkin boats she sent to us - how thoughtful! And I hope she likes the purse!

Merry Christmas. President George