Monday, January 22, 2007

holding on in Boot Key...GO BEARS

Looks like at least another week in Boot key for us. We've ordered an antenna for the SSB for the DSC feature. (I wonder what that stands for...?) What it DOES is allow you to press one button and an emergency message goes out automatically giving you latitude and longitude and other boat information. Besides the antenna I'll have to connect the GPS to the radio as well. Oh, none of that should be hard or take too long...

We seem to be in the evil repair triangle while we're here. My new little Mac is on the fritz and looks like it will need a new logic board (probably using the old logic?), The outboard is back to how it was when I paid Salty Sam in Ft. Myers $200 to 'fix' it. It is off to the repair guy today as will be the computer. As to the quality of Salty's work, I took the cover off when the motor began acting up and found that all the bolts were finger tight. Thanks Salty!

Everything else that is broken is still broken so that's good.


We watched the game at the Overseas Bar and Grill with a bunch of Saints fans. Still fun but not as much as I know they were having in the bars in Chicago! We may sail up to Miami and anchor just to hang out with the team.

No other news as we wait for various repairs.



LeahC said...


that sucks that it was a bunch of saints fans....i think you kinda HAVE to go to miami to hang out for the SUPERBOWL....

that's right...cause the bears are in it :-)

brian said...

Read your article in SAILING magazine. Are you now part of the glitteri-literarie (sic) crowd? You know-Norman Mailer, Truman Capote, etc.