Monday, January 08, 2007

Radio Head!

Yes! At last I have the SSB that I bought about 11 months ago working. This is thanks to Capt. Marty Brown, author of "Marine SSB Radio for 'Idi=Yachts'. She anchors here in Marathon and she walked me through several steps via telephone until we figured out (shockingly) that the weak link in my set up was the coax cable that I soldered up myself. I bought a ready-made one from Radio Shack for $10 and I am ON THE AIR. This morning I was able to communicate with a guy in the Bahamas (where ever THAT is!) So happy days.

In a little while we get hauled out and will begin the painting process. Stand by for pictures of Enee's naked bottoom!

Rodger doger over and outta here!

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Gracie Liberation Front said...

Thank Heavens you've given up on Jimmy Buffett and moved over to the only band that matters - Radiohead!

On behalf of Johnnie, Ed, Phil, Colin and Thom Yorke - we at the GLF salute you!

Chairman Meow