Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The Cruising Community

Today, we were heading into town when we heard a call on the hand-held that a boat, Persephone, was dragging. We were near there and turned around to help. Many times a boat may be dragging but the skipper is not on board. This was one of those cases. I would say that within 2 minutes I counted 12 dingys there to help out. Some jumped on board to mess with the anchor chain while most just became tugs and pushed Persephone away from other boats nearby. It's nice to know when you do have to leave your boat that you're never really leaving it unattended.

1 comment:

Kit Walker said...

Is it that the rag tag group of cruisers is so very willing to help, or just desperately bored out of their heads??

I feel I can ask that, since I happily belong to this wonderful class of people.

Sure beats living on land!