Thursday, July 26, 2007

If It's Not Baseball....It's Crap!

Just because we're in the Dominican Republic doesn't mean that it's all about baseball. Sometimes it's also about merengue. But mostly it's about baseball. Last Saturday the challenge was that the loosers would buy the beer. Guess what. Gringos lost. The Dominicans were kind enough to let us score 21 points to their only 31 however.

Afterwards at Le Pachichi there was much beer consumed (not only grandes but jumbos) with an added touch of a merengue contest. Dominicans paired with Gringos to somewhat even the field. These two couples above tied as winners.

Couple of side notes:

Our game was delayed about an hour because someone was scouting a pitcher at the ball field. There was a guy in the stands behind home plate with a radar gun as well. Nice form, don't you think? Who knows where this kid may end up!

I don't have any pictures from our game because I was keeping score for most of it. I did get in an inning or two at the end. Also Senior Handy Andy decided to play for our team. A good reason why we had 21 points.

During the last few innings I was playing second base (Yikes!) and Handy Andy was in center. Twice he threw me the ball from center field. The second time my glove blew out! The leather laces in the fingers just.....dissolved. Granted it's a 30+ year old glove, but oh my can that man throw.

So I went to the local shoe repair guy in town and indeed he fixed it. I also had just blown a teva sandal so he put that back together for me as well, both for a mere 150 pesos ($5). I asked him to hold my glove so I could take a picture.
Maybe he would like to be on our team this Saturday.

One other bit of news. The Hurricane weather center has downgraded the season. Only three category 3 hurricanes expected for this year. Let's hope if there are any they stay in the Atlantic Ocean.


Andrea said...

You can't possibly have a 30 year old glove, because I remember when you bought it, as I got your old one (which I still have!).
I think i was about 12 or 13 at the time which was........OMG 30 years ago!!!!!!!
Pardon me as I go soak my head.

Jerry said...

Are you guys ok? No blog post in close to a month is really odd,