Monday, July 16, 2007

You Make The Call

So this past Saturday (7/14) I played softball again. Well I played 2 innings and then sat out the rest of the game but did take many many pictures. Some pretty good action shots if I do say so myself.

Anyway, after the game it's time to drink beer and celebrate the victory, which ultimately for us Gringos means nobody had a heart attack.

While sitting at the local bar I happened to be right next to a family of 4 wonderful kids - 3 boys and one baby girl. This photo is of one of the 'older' boys - probably 3ish. I sat next to him with my baseball mit on my chair. I picked up the glove and handed to him. He took it and instantly put in on his left hand. His brothers were busy with other things so he had no distractions.

I sat and watched as he put his gloved hand up to the sky, lowered it, put his right hand into the glove then proceeded to pretent to throw the ball he had just caught. Amazing. Three maybe four years old tops!

Eventually 2 other boys joined in. They saw that I was taking pictures and paying attention to this one guy so they snuggled on over to join in. These 2 guys somewhere found a piece of napkin or something, balled it up and began to 'pitch' and 'bat' the 'ball.' Imagine, 1 little guy standing by your left knee - he was the pitcher with the balled up napkin. The other one standing by your right knee - he was the batter and put his 2 hands together as if praying to create a 'bat.' They 'played ball' this way for quite awhile until the napkin dissolved.

These are times when I wish my eyeballs could take pictures.

What else was happening this past weekend? Well the Mac Race happened and our friend Jeff on Thirsty Tiger had a fun ride. There is a website you can follow the action on. Once an hour the position of the boats was updated. Now that's my kind of racing.

What is happening this week? Well Leah and Jason are heavily into their marathon training and will run a mere 50 miles this week. And I thought it was far to walk to the guagua (taxi van) stand. You go kids. Can't wait to see you in the big race in October.

Ok. That's it for now. Cubs won today but Milwaukee is also winning in the bottom of the 8th by 1 run. Go you Arizona!


Anonymous said...

Scott, knowing how you love sports especially Baseball, this must have been a special moment to see a 3/4 year-old understand exactly what to do with the glove. Very cool.

Bob Keene

Anonymous said...

Scott,have enjoyed all your blogs but this one is special, the Cubs
would be interesed in it or Sports Illustrated!!Thanks again for all the info and photos.
Stan & Judy from San Diego

Anonymous said...

Great story, K

Anonymous said...

Yes it's true that Scott is an avid baseball fan. However, this photo and story was written by Sailor Sue (who also is known for her baseball enthusiasm). I again played softball today - only 2 later innings. Mostly I kept score and didn't take many photos. But the magic is still there.

Sailor Sue