Saturday, December 15, 2007

Calming down in Culebra?----not yet!

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Although the wind has been howling here for a week Kathy, Kerry, Scott and I did manage to take a walk to the other side of the island. Flamenco Bay is on the north side of Culebra and the waves breaking on shore were quite impressive. It was about a 45 minute, hilly walk but well worth it. The beach has a nice campground under the pine trees where it’s cool and quiet.

We met up with cruiser friends Taimi and High States on the beach. They rented a car for the day and were planning to visit several different beaches around the island. Yvon decided to test the waters here at Flamenco. Brave man.

The walk back didn’t seem quite as long but we sure were mighty thirsty. We stopped in at El Batey Restaurant for delicious cheeseburgers and nice cold Medalla. Yum.

Yesterday we received a Christmas card from Leah and Jason. It was delivered General Delivery at the Culebra post office. What a treat to get mail! And a great card at that.

Also yesterday Mismo turned another week older. Here are two pictures of her. Do you think she’s grown in a week’s time?

Finally the weather is going to give us a break starting Monday. The storms, squalls and high winds are leaving and the usual trades will return. We plan to sail down to Viequez (vee-AYE-case) up to Isla Palominos and back to Culebra. We are looking forward to this mini-cruise. We came to the Spanish Virgin Islands to explore them and now we’ll get a chance to.

Hopefully we’ll have wonderful stories to tell when we return from this trip.


Anonymous said...

Mismo looks like she is enjoying herself and is growing. She is a very beautiful kitten. I am sure she will turn into one terrific cat.
Pictures are just awesome of Culebra. Vieques is just as beautiful. Vieques with an s is the correct spelling. Hope you don't mind the correction.

Cindy said...

Hey, Guys
I hope are NOT receiving this email as I write it, since that would mean that you are sitting on anchor and NOT sailing today (Monday) as you had planned. I hope the weather cleared and you are off adventuring with Baby Mismo.
The weather is "sort of" clear back here in your "home sweet home Chicago", but the temp and the wind chill are crap :/
Happy warm sailing OR sitting!

Anonymous said...

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