Sunday, December 02, 2007

Still in Salinas

Life is still good in Salinas. We are enjoying just watching Mismo be ridiculus and watching manatees! This harbor seems to be a friendly home to manatee. We've seen several already and then today while I was reading in the cockpit I saw something out of the corner of my eye. In the water, upside down, under our dingy was a huge manatee. He or she had a flipper up on the dingy tube to 'hold on' while I guess nibbling on what ever the hell is growing on the bottom of my dingy. Amazing animals.

Yesterday we had the bottom cleaned again by a diver on another boat and he told me that I basically have no bottom paint any longer. Hmmm...I don't plan to paint until St. Maartin in February so I guess in the meantime we should stay in clear water and KEEP MOVING!

Bellagio and High States arrived this morning! Two boats (and their crew!) we are very familiar with from way back in Luperon. It is fun to re-unite with old friends and compare stories about sailing the same grounds but not together.

We are currently planning to leave here on Wednesday and continue east to make a jump to Culebra in the Spanish Virgin Islands. Thanks to all who comment.


Crystaleize said...

Hi, I am a friend of Alexandra. Love the pic of Mismo. She is adorable. I have friends that own sailboats and I enjoy being on the boat. I really enjoy your blogs. My firneds have sailboats at uerto del Rey and they sail alot to the British Virgin Islands. I can give you the name of the people and the boats..they are fun people and trustworthy. Keep on posting. vivy

tisbobby said...

Hi Scott, Hi Sue, Bob here from the Marla T. I just stumbled on your blog and really enjoyed it. I'm in my home waters of St. John, so let me know if you are in town and I'll show you around. You will love Culebra. Look for my friend Lori on a little Catalina named Sil right behind Piryate Cay in Dewey. Have fun and good luck with Mismo.
Fair Winds


crystalize said...

I reread the blogs and I am so thrilled about being able to see how you enjoy our island. By the way...the Pare Signs mean Stop. They are stop signs. Enjou and if I can be of help just let me know. Vivy

Sailor Sue said...

Yea! Stay in touch. You can also e-mail us. There's a link on the blog. We'll be in St. John in January. So, watch the blog and let's get together.

Thanks to ALL who comment!