Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Olga - Here and Gone Already

When we listened to Chris Parker (the weathermangod) this morning we learned that a semi-tropical storm named Olga passed just north of us last night and early this morning. It was very windy (maybe gusts of 30+) and stormy all night and most of today. Just now (about 1400 hours) the wind is settling down a bit and there is more blue sky than rain clouds.

All the boats anchored in this inner harbor here in Culebra seemed to fair well. Nobody's anchor drug and no mooring lines broke. So all is well. We're glad we moved our anchor when we did as we got a little more protection from the 'white horses' (choppy waves) as the winds picked up. And the 7/8 power windless motor worked like a charm. The storm is passing over the Mona Passage today and will landfall on the Dominican Republic tomorrow. Strong winds are predicted to continue here until Sunday. Maybe then we'll get a little weather window to take a cruise around these Spanish Virgin Islands. We'll see.

We hope to take Mismo to the vet tomorrow. The vet comes to this island every 2nd Wednesday and we'll try to get in line early. First come first served we hear. Mismo has ear mites and we want the vet to do a thorough job cleaning her ears (we've been washing her ears with a soapy paper towel but can't get too deep where the buggers are) and hopefully get some medicine for her too.

Ear mites or no ear mites Mismo is always on the move. Here she is getting a little piece of cheese from Kathy. Hmmmm .... a cat that likes cheese. Sound familiar?

In the meantime she continues to be rediculously entertaining. She climbed the companionway ladder yesterday so no more leaving the doorway open. Of course we continue to take too many pictures of her.

I typically download pictures onto the computer every day. Each time I finish adjusting the photos I hit 'Done' and that's when the photo library takes me back to the first photo of the entire library. And what is that you ask?

It's a picture of Gracie of course. So even though Mismo has taken over as cutest kitty on board, we always remember Gracie. Awwwww. . . .


Anonymous said...

I love Mismo!!!! AWWWWW...hope the vet was able to take care of her. I think a little ointment in the ears takes care of the mites. Good luck.

Bought your book yesterday for Kevin and Dave!

Mary Lu

crystalize said...

A relief to know that you all are doing fine after Olga.
Ear mites can be troublesome. I have an assistant Vet course so I have delt with earmites galore. Mitox is very good medicine for mites. There are also some ear wash that help clean them out. Mismo is beautiful.

Viv and the gang

deborah said...

Long Live Gracie!!