Sunday, February 10, 2008

Bad Timing

Looking at a very busy day coming up on Monday - haul out, pick up new dingy and motor, about a mile dingy ride, and need to run to Time Out Marina, about a mile and a half dingy ride, on the french side to pick up the bottom paint - and the currrent outboard is totally DEAD. No start today at all! I'm going to have to lean on friends for dingy rides etc. for a day or two while we sort this all out. Remember, this is the outboard with the brand new carburetor! To any of you considering a Nisson 4 stroke...I wouldn't! I have a line on a warranty dingy and new 15 horse two-stroke. This dingy is a 9 foot fiberglass bottom that was returned under warranty due to some blisters on the hull. So, I can get it for maybe $900 instead of $2900 for a brand new one. I can grind out the blisters while we're on the hard.

So, confused and busy 24-48 hours coming up for us....


On a completely different tack...I thought I'd talk about our navigation. We have a gps at the helm with lots of information and down below we have paper charts. The morning of a departure we go over the charts and write our 'sailing directions' on a yellow sticky. Also we enter waypoints into the gps. The sailing directions are things like..."Sail from wp 3 until latitude is 18.5...then sail due east. Stuff like that. Works for us and cheaper than a chartplotter! The SSB down below also shows our lat long while we are underway so whoever is not at the helm can chart our position on the paper chart.


LeahC said...

and it's fun to watch your progress on the paper charts instead of on a computerized one. This coming from the GadgetGirl herself.

brian said...

Scott - My worhsip of you grows more profound. you are prominently fetured in this moth's "SAILING" magazine. The nautical library has a very nice review of your book. Heck, after a review that good I might just have to read the book.