Saturday, February 09, 2008

Busy Birthday Month

Happy Birthday to all the February birthday-ers out there. I - Sailor sue being one of them - had a lovely day, actually couple of days to celebrate. The captain made me a filet dinner with Enee fries on Thursday and yesterday we celebrated with our Manatee freinds and a delightful chocolate cake with my name on it. Nice.

In particular Happy Birthday to Andrea, Samantha, Luke, Christopher, and Georgia. Enjoy your day(s).


Anonymous said...

...and a birthday rainbow for you too! Happy Birthday Sue! I love Mismo by the way. It's good to see she is thriving on the boat.

Mary Lu

deborah said...

Happy Birthday Sue. Ashley turns 21 on the 15th. Can you believe it!! have a great birthday month:-)

Sally said...

Happy Birthday from cold, snowy Ohio!