Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thanks Lance

Just a quick note. Enee is floating again. We have high praise for Bobby's Boat Yard (Simpson Bay). Lance runs everything there and drives the 50 BFM (Big F------ Machine) Marine Travel-Lift and was very helpful and friendly. You worry when cruising because you are always dealing with someone ONE time and are unsure of what you're getting into. Anyone out there looking for a good haulout place...Bobby's in Simpson Bay, St. Maarten is a good choice.

That's Lance. Another happy boat worker. We've met hundreds!

We've re-anchored just over the line into French territory and will have to check out of the Dutch side, check into the French side, and buy a couple cartons of smokes.

Busy, busy, busy

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Greetings from San Diego, have really enjoyed your last reports, so glad your bottom job went well, you have to watch them close here to get a good job done.
Ciao, Stan & Judy