Friday, November 07, 2008

Back in Grenada

Long day of travel on Tuesday - election day! We left Chicago around 9 am and arrived in Grenada about 10 pm local time. Ah, the joys of air travel. Once we got back aboard Enee (our friends Wendy and Jim on Merengue had left our dingy for us at the dock) we fired up the computer and connected to the internet in time to watch the festivities from Grant Park. My daughter and her husband got tickets to the event but we just couldn't seem to spot them! A great night for Chicago and for our country I think.

I read about some McCain supporters from Texas (State Motto: Here, hold mah beer and stand back!). They were very dissapointed in the election results and vowed to oppose Obama for the next four years no matter what he tries to do. That's nice. The whole world is trying to bring us down and these cretins think that pouting and refusing to play nice is the way to solve our problems. Maybe it would be a better idea to wait until you hear what is being suggested and THEN begin to negotiate if you don't like it. I think that many of the world's problems come from people not knowing how to negotiate. The Palestinians want Israel to go away. That's not going to happen so negotiate. NO. All or nothing. The Al Queda terrorists want death to America. Not going to happen and you can't negotiate with them. We got a LOT done in this country under LBJ because the guy could deal. US politics works when everybody gets (or thinks they are getting ) something out of the deal. We need to get back to that kind of negotiating form of government. Like OLD mayor Daley said, "Good politics IS good government"!

OK, enough politics!

The weather here is always about the same but the one thing that can make it seem really much hotter is when there is no wind. There is basically NO wind these past few days. Luckily it has still be cooling off at night so sleep is possible. I think I'll stick with jobs that put me in the water like scrubbing the moss off of the water line. Fun!

More of our friends are in the anchorage now having returned from Trinidad. Good to see Randy and Lynn on High States and Jay and Jen on Rum Runner. We haven't seen Jay and Jen since parting company in Georgetown back in '06! We had a fun rum filled reunion with them last night.

I go back to work on Monday so looks like I'm on vacation until then. . . Woot!

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