Saturday, November 29, 2008

Stepping the Mast on Silandra

Friday was a big day at Spice Island Marine: Stepping the 100 foot mast on Silandra, the 70 foot sloop I've been working on. Check out the Picasa album below for some pics of this process.

Mast Stepping - Silandra
Meanwhile, I've been trying to piece together the cabinets starting in the galley. It's like when you first toss the pieces on the table for that 1000 piece jig saw puzzle. It's turned out to be faster and easier to build new panels for sides, backs or tops of the cabinets as things have changed and even if I could identify any pieces they may not fit any longer. But really, could I just buy a RIGHT ANGLE? The picture shows the galley and some of the various panels lying about. I've finished the lower two cabinets and nearly the third. Some other holes are still mysteries!


Edward said...

Good morning from Chicago!

I discovered your blog last night while searching Catalina forums for tips on diagnosing Nissan outboard issues, ha.

Needless to say I have spent the last eight or so waking hours following your journey.

Have you decideded on where to next? Panama, Rio Dulce, Trinidad?

Best of luck and Happy Thanksgiving Weekend from Lakeview, Chicago, IL USA.

Scott said...

Edward - Welcome aboard! Right now we're just staying in Grenada and feeding the sailing kitty (not Mismo, the $$$ kitty). Sue would like to head back north but I'm leaning toward heading west. Like to see Cartegena.