Saturday, November 15, 2008

Where's the Gold?

Our friend, Steve, on Certitude took this picture of Enee Marie from the deck of his catamaran. There's no gold on this boat though. Trust me!

After gluing in several square feet of teak veneer in Solandra (the 72 foot multi-million dollar yacht I'm working on at Spice Island) we find that we cannot varnish it up to match what is already there. I feel bad about not asking about that before we started sawing and gluing. But, the big boss was there at the time and saw which teak veneer we were using. The plan now is to paint the entire companionway (port side) white with Awl Grip. Ah well. . . a day's pay is a day's pay.

Some adventurous weather for us the next few days. Lots of rain (FREE WATER!) and wind. Wind is good too as that charges our batteries. High winds are a little disoncerting for us though as we are on a lee shore and only about 50 yards off.

Speaking of batteries. I bought two used Vetus batteries from a fellow cruiser who just wanted to go to larger capacity. These are no-mainenance batteries and anything that is no-maintenance is a good thing for this sailor. I think I cooked the water out of the old standard wet cells we had. If these new batteries start to gas the vapor causes a chemical reaction in the top of the batteries which drips liquid water back into the cells. Good for us as I tend to charge the hell out of the batteries with the wind generator and also that the batteries are in the engine room which gets very hot when we are under way.

Going to work a few hours today and then take it easy (my specialty) the rest of the weekend.

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