Monday, January 19, 2009

Back from the Frozen Tundra!

Hello to all. I just got back from the frozen north. Here's a great pic of the frozen north taken by my daughter. Lots of other great pics there as well. A great trip to Tampa and Chicago but holy hell was it cold in Chicago! -14 one morning. Ouch!

And a crazy trip it was. Here is my itinerary. ..

Grenada - Trinidad (supposed to go to St. Vincent but that plane 'wasn't there') change planes
Trinidad - St. Vincent
St. Vincent - Dominica
Dominica - San Juan (change planes)
San Juan - Miami (change planes)
Miami - Tampa Stayed in Tamp for a couple of days and visited my dad then on to Chicago
Tampa - Chciago

Return trip

Chicago to Charlotte
Charlotte to Tampa (spend the night at the 'comfort Inn')
Tampa to San Juan (change planes)
San Juan - Antigua (change planes)
Antigua to St. Vincent
St. Vincent to Grenada TA DA!

So, my advice...don't book with LIAT airlines! Stick with American.

But, a good trip it was. We didn't even have to land in the Hudson! While in Chicago I visited Columbia College. They need a part time physics teacher in the fall and it looks like that's going to be me! We've been thinking and looking for a good way to "bi-locate" in the coming years. This will give us September - December in Chicago. Sue will be able to teach at Columbia as well as that's where she was working when we took off in 05. So we can be in Chicago for the end of baseball, the beginning of football, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. We're working on variations of the plan from there. One is to leave the boat on the hard at Spice Island Marine in Grenada, return to Grenada in January and work for Spice Island another 3 months. Then sail north as far as St. Maarten or maybe Puerto Rico until hurricane season and again return to Chicago for Sept - Dec. Returning to, let's say St. Martin in Janurary and sail south for 4 months in time to work for Spice Island again before returning to Chicago. In this way we can be Caribbean yo-yos. It would work out to working 4 months in Chicago. Working 4 months in Grenada and sailing 4 months in the Caribbean.

Why work? Have you seen the economy? And Enee has needs! Also, while I do NOT miss public schools with all their testing, testing, testing and departments run by little minds who think that middle management is the cat's ass, I find that I do miss physics itself and the strange desire to explain things. My classes at Columbia will be Physics for Film Makers which has many interesting possiblilties attached to it.

I also had the chance to meet up with the guitar player from the band I was in in College (Cheyenne). We hadn't spoken or seen each other in about 38 years! How strange to get with him. We have plans to get with nearly all of that band come fall. Should be fun. In the picture, I'm on the far left and Guitar Ken is on the far right. We look just the same to this day! We think this pic is from about 1970. ". . . what a long strange trip its been".

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Kit Walker said...

Ha, now I don't feel so bad being a gosh darn landlubber, since you'll be part time landlubbers too! Where will Mismo go? Singlehanding while you're away from the boat? Oops, I mean single pawing...

Anonymous said...

What does an itinerary like that cost?

Scott said...

Well, as to cost as you might imagine the reason I booked this this way was because it was a little cheaper than the direct routes. NEVER AGAIN! cost for getting home from about anywhere in the Caribbean is about $700-$900 USD - round trip.