Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bellagio Sailing

Yesterday we all went out sailing on Bellagio with are very good metric friends, Kathy and Kerry AND Kathy's daughter Mel. A fine day for a sporty sail south of Grenada. Wind was 15+ knots with easy swells of 3-4 feet. We just reached out and back to remember how all the lines and giant pieces of material work. A fine time was had by all...Mel didn't even get sick!

Here's the whole fam-damly >>>>>>>>>>

Friday we went to the 'Fish Fry' at Goayve (sp?). This is a much publicized thing to go to. It is said that they close down the streets and have a bit of a festival with lots of fish to eat and so forth. Sounds like fun so we went. It's about an hour and fifteen minute car ride though on very twisty roads. Ug. Once we arrived we find a couple of streets blocked off and many little booths making some sort of fish products. There wasn't much of a festival. No where to sit. The music at one point seemed to be a compliation of bad disco (that's really the only kind) from teh 70's. After about 30 minutes we had seen everything but we had another hour and half before the bus was due to go back. There was a drummer group that was pretty good though but I didn't get to sit in. Well, looks like we're having fun anyway according to this pic. Just not worth about 3 hours in a van though.

As reported earlier, Sue is going to be 'Chef' on an
upcoming crewed charter. As such she thought she might practice making fish for all of us. That starts with a trip to the Grenada Fish Market. She found some Red fish and for an extra couple of bucks a guy cleaned and filleted them for her. Great meal this made! Nice job Chef Sue!

Finally, what's a post without a Mismo picture? Our strange little cat is in love with our giant 'noodles' that we swim with sometimes. It's like cat nip to her. Strange are the ways of the cat indeed.

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The GLF endorses MISMO as our COTM (cat of the month).

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