Monday, January 26, 2009

Don't go Changing!

Yesterday Sue spotted this wonderful caterpillar on our way back to our dinghy. Take a close look (by clicking on the picture) and you'll see this guy looks like he's wearing galoshes on his back 6 legs! He also has a tail not unlike Mismo! Is it true that all caterpillars turn into butterflies? If so I bet this one makes a pretty one!

Other big event yesterday was me putting my new reading glasses into the sea. I'm heading into town today to get some real glasses and maybe have them screw them to my head!

We got an e-mail from Luperon, DR telling us that now the Comandante requires all anchored boats to inform the Comandante if they want to move their boat. This includes moving your anchor within Luperon Bay! Moving without permission results in a $100 fine. This is already the only country that makes you check out of a CITY and then check back in if you go anchor in another city within the SAME country. Of course their are fees and pay-offs involved at each end.

Hey, I got to get to work!

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John Glade said...

Pseudosphinx tetrio - a nice moth