Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 3

So I didn't get a lat/long until well after 8 am today. Got a little worried but for no good reason.
Have received several emails from Captain Snappy today -- all for someone else. Well I guess I did have one in there just for me too, contents being: Did you forward my emails? Give a Cub update. So I do serve a purpose.

If you're missing the captain's 'voice' here's part of an email about his trip:
Day three of our passage from KEy West to KEmah, Tx which is in Galveston Bay. We sailed a lot the first day out of KEy West going just south of the dry tortugas before turning and heading wnw to KEmah. Much motoring since then as the wind has been dead on the stern. We've also found a 2-3 knot current against at our present position (26 14 N, 86 47 W)We should pop out of it by day's end. Total trip is around 800 miles. Hoping to make Kemah on Saturday. In the meantime, good crew, good fun, good food and HOT!

So that's today's update. Hope you're keeping safe and dry from the midwest storms.

Sailor Sue

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