Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 4

This is Day 4 for the Rum Runner crew but this email I'm sharing with you was written by Scott late in the evening on Day 3. How's that for confusing!

Hey - Just got off watch and about to hit the rack. I'm back on at 2AM. LOts of motor today trying to get out of the opposing current. I think we'll be clear in a few more hours. A pod of about 12 dolphins entertained us today for several minutes including a baby about 2 feet long.

LOoks more and more like a saturday arrival.

Getting very weird to be out of sight of land for this long. Seems like we're not moving since we're always in the middle of the big blue bowl.

love you miss you. Share email with Leah. . . I just can't remember addresses!

Current (as in Day 4) Lat/Long:
GPS location Date/Time:06/24/2010 02:39:41 EDT

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