Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Key West to Kemah Texas

Just when you thought it was safe to sail ----
Captain Grandpa Scott is on the seas again!!!!!

Our Caribbean cruising friends Jay and Jen from Rum Runner were looking for crew to sail their boat from Key West, FL to their new home in Kemah, TX. We're so glad that we were on their list of possibilities!

Scott was most available since I'm working Full Time (actually I mostly have the summer off but a conference is happening this week so I wasn't available). And we contacted our buddy Roger from Texas who helped Scott and I sail Enee Marie from Long Island to Norfolk way back when. Great news -- Roger was also available for the trip.

After a few tough days* in Key West getting Rum Runner rigged for the trip, the crew was ready to set sail on Monday, June 21st. Jen pre-prepared all meals for the guys so they would eat healthy during their 900 mile 5 day trip. She then acquired crew of her own to help drive Kona the wonder dog from Key West to Kemah where they will await the arrival of Rum Runner. Will there be bagpipes and fireworks?

*Tough Days = closing most of the bars on Duval Street!!!

So here is my attempt to share the route of Rum Runner's journey homeward bound. Roger brought along a device that emails lat/long at the push of a button. So we are getting Rum Runner's position several times a day. Today I also got a phone call from Scott. How great to hear his voice! He said they had rough seas last night (their first night) with little wind but things have calmed down and they have some wind so were sailing 7 knots this afternoon.

Click on the link below and see what happens. What I would like to happen is that you will be directed to a google map that shows Rum Runners' traveled route so far.


If this link doesn't work for you and you'd like to do your own tracking, here are the lat/long as sent via the "findmespot.com" device:

Date Time LAT LONG
6-21-10 08:10:27 24.56284 81.80609
6-21-10 16:17:17 24.47658 82.60577
6-21-10 20:03:06 24.44973 82.95004
6-21-10 22:57:57 24.50378 83.20925
6-22-10 05:07:51 24.82509 83.79071
6-22-10 07:57:00 24.95769 83.9726
6-22-10 17:05:42 25.44269 85.04053
6-22-10 18:35:42 25.53443 85.20159

I'll update daily so you'll be able to follow along.
Sailor Sue


6-22-10 23:44:41 25.78006 85.65888

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