Sunday, May 15, 2005

Goo Works!

We arrived back at the boat today with great excitement (snort) to see how the goo (epoxy) had set. All looks good! The new black washer is now firmly attached to the rudder at (nearly) the correct angle to mesh with the old hull. Hole marks are still good and the rudder was then delivered to oh so dependable nephew Brian so he can take it to the metal shop of Chicago's finest Hill Mechanical for drilling. We should have it on Tuesday for final (oh Newton please!) attachment to the boat.

Here's what I learned during this outfitting process:

1. If you think you should replace your thru-hulls, don't. Just buy a St. Chris medal and turn Catholic
2. If you think you should replace your rudder, don't. Just get lots of tape and epoxy and random boards to make an emergency rudder out of.

Actually, I learned a lot. I just hope water doesn't squirt into my boat!

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