Sunday, May 01, 2005

How to make a hole...

OK, I know it is not that interesting but when you are drilling a 1" hole right through the bottom of your boat, the boat that you hopes takes you as far as the Florida Keys, well, it sure gets MY attention. The pictures below are a little out of order but I think you'll get the idea. The final deal is that this isn't that tough with a little forethought. Again, thanks to the master craftsman and problem solver, My DAD! for the sleeve idea.

Yesterday we got a coat of paint on the bottom. This is getting a little pointless. No matter how much I scrape and sand and think I've removed all the loose stuff, when I begin to roll some places I only peel off existing layers and put down very little paint! This boat really needs its whole bottom (spanked?) sand blasted and start over but I'm not up for the cost or mess of this job. Not now for sure.

Sue did a great job starting to put things away and straighten up our floating home. She also finished assembling the sea cock to the engine and tore out our old alcohol tank. What a woman! Someone ought to marry her! Starting to look like good old Enee Marie - Mistress of the Seas as Gary Brown puts it.

We went back up today to put the second coat on the bottom and perform regular maintenance on the engine but it was so stinking cold and rainy we decided to wait for better weather. I guess we could have made that decision before we drove all the way up there but our enthusiasm, once again, clouded our better judgement.

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Gracie Liberation Front said...

"I'm Fixing A Hole
Where The Sea Comes In
And Stops My Wife From Wandering
Where She Will Go..."

This kind of stuff never happens in a desert. Cats are desert creatures. All Hail Gracie the Cat. May the Cat Gods Keep Her Dry.