Saturday, May 14, 2005

Return of rudder

Our new rudder has arrived. We excitedly picked it up at Skipper Bud today and were anxious to put it in so as to mark where the holes have to be drilled for the quadrant and the top cap. But first...DAmn! The thing rubs against the hull at the skeg. Many hours spent grinding away bits of the boat and bits of the rudder to alieviate the rubbing. We're just about there. We think.

Second problem is more subtle. Once again the top face of the rudder is not parallel to the hull at the rudder post so the rings don't mush correctly into rudder and hull the way they should. The solution to this was to build a dam and fill with epoxy to support the rings where the gap was. See pictures to get more confused.

Other small jobs were messed with. We are just about exactly 1 month from setting sail. This rudder has to be installed pretty damn soon!

Best of all today was we got to spend time with our friends Chuck and Mary Beth. We helped them a little with their new Catalina 30 - Halcyon. A fine ship she is too! A good time was had by all and Scott and Sue have now officially been married 17 years.

Tomorrow the goo should be dry and we can deliver the rudder to nephew Brian so that Hill Mechanical in Chicago can drill the two holes we need drilled.

We are really close now.

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Jason said...

Honestly, I couldn't be more confused. A Goo Dam? Goo Damn? But I do agree, the pictures are excellent for making me more confused.