Sunday, May 29, 2005

Moving Aboard

We're home.

That is to say we are now officially living aboard Enee Marie. Yesterday, thanks to Pat V.'s truck we moved lots of stuff around. We emptied out the storage space we had rented and took stuff to Leah's and to Sue's sister. We then moved out of the hotel (still too much stuff) and picked up the dingy and outboard from the storage place. On the way to the harbor we stopped to adjust the cover we had put over our stuff (an old sail). We both got out of the car with the engine running...and accidently locked the doors! How embarassing! After some futile attempts to unlock the door with a piece of metal strapping I found we called Pat to come with his other key.

Finally at the harbor we got a slip over at North Point Marina and moved Enee to nearly the end of a VERY long pier. Scott then made MANY trips with the little dock cart bring stuff to the boat. Sue stayed aboard the started the big job of stowing stuff away in the various hidey holes (don't say hole!) aboard. After about 3 hours of this we cleaned up as best we could, put the outboard on the stern rail and the dinging on the foredeck. Whew! Time for a cocktail drink and our first night aboard.

Good sleeping!

Pics below show some "highlights"

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