Wednesday, June 01, 2005

She Sails!

Today was the first true shake down cruise. Nice wind out of the NNE at 10-15 kts. We took Enee out around 7:30 and hoisted the sails. Good news. Every thing seems to be in working order. I know that if you are in warmer climes you don't understand the excitement of that first sail after a long winter. For us this is especially true as this boat now has new thru-hulls, new home made spruce spreaders, a new rudder...and old crew! New rudder feels great. Very light pressure. Nice. All engine indicators were nominal.

In 10 days this boat is heading out of the midwest. I'm sure there are many, many repairs to be made along the way but looks like we are ready to head out.

Oh, yeah, Gracie threw up like she always does on the first couple of sails. She's tough though and came right out for cheese when we returned to our slip.


Anonymous said...

This could work!
This is exciting!
The sails were set tonight, but we aren't looking for all-set.

Sailor Sue

Anonymous said...

I swear to god if I could just trip the big stupid guy when he is going forward to mess with the sails I could get off of this slave ship. Gary save me! What happend to the GLF?

Gracie the captive cat

Gracie Liberation Front said...

Gracie - the Man will try to put you down. Don't despair - next time you have to puke, hold it until he crawls into bed - then heave ho old girl.

Cats are desert creatures and worshipped by pyramid designers everywhere. Let's have some respect for the god among us - save Gracie the Cat!!

Respectfully Submitted,


Anonymous said...

Well , it's 7 am on Sunday the 12th - I just checked the harbor via the Adler Sky Eye - and Enne Marie has left the building.
Good Luck and Fair Winds.
(right now the wind is SW at 13 so it should be a nice reach across the lake)