Friday, June 24, 2005


Hello to all. We are still in Charlevoix/Petoskey area for a few more days. Hope to get back in the water Tuesday and sail out Wednesday. We really appreciate comments you leave! If you'd rather actually correspond however, let's use our e-mail. That would be SCOTT SUE

I do receive your comments as notes in my e-mail but cannot reply from there.

As to the bent shaft that Brian referred to, I believe it has always been bent. I think that when I bought it it was bent but the cutless bearing was tight and not much vibration. As that bearing wore vibrations began to increase and this is now a self destroying process. Also, the fact that thet engine was seriously out of alignment probably meant that they never aligned it in the water. Boats take on a different shape when they are in the water compared to what they are on the hard. So this was a pretty well disguised problem that took a while to really show itself. All will be well soon!


Restless Sole said...

Hi Guys! Just started following your Blog. We are Nigel & Michele aboard "Restless Sole" in Goderich, Lake Huron. You blogging your journey is exactly what we plan to do when heading south to keep everyone updated on our progress as well. I've linked your Blog on ours. Good luck. We'll be checking back regularily.
Restless Soles
PS ... If you are coming down the east side of Huron drop by, we'll buy you a beer :-)

Scott said...

Nigel & Michele-
Darn! I usually go anywhere for a free beer but we need to make up some time after putting in for repairs and will be following the west coast. We hope to get away this coming Wednesday.

Stay in touch!
Scott, Sue and Gracie the Cat