Monday, June 20, 2005

Leland to Charlevoix

Just a quick note...we had one of those GREAT sails today from Leland to Charlevoix. Light wind when we started (0600 of course!) then it picked up from the south so we could sail nearly a beam reach all the way to Charlevoix. 5-5.5 knots the whole way. What joy. We are currently anchored (although I haven't looked recently!) in Round Lake which is downtown Charlevoix. When in Charlevoix be sure to visit

Woolly Bugger
204 Bridge Street

Friendly people and internet access. Say hi to Noel!

Tomorrow...what's with the prop shaft. STAY TUNED!

Scott & Sue...over and OUT


Lisa said...

great pictures...this is so cool...I wish I was riding in basket on the deck sharing in the adventure...(this is the fine kind of writing I am learning in graduate school)..totally awesome, like rad....

Victor Megaro said...

My cousin Jodi took a class with Sue and turned me onto your adventure/website. May there be an aft wind the rest of your trip. Just do it.
Victor Megaro

Erik said...

KT had his boat worked on in every marina from Manistee to Cheboygan . . . just mention his name and I am sure you will get a quality shaft repair. . . In fact, let me know where repairs are made in case I ever need a shaft repair (which guy doesn't).