Sunday, June 26, 2005

Time Crawls

Our days in Petoskey are getting longer and longer. We accomplish a few things but mostly we wait anxiously for our repairs to be completed. We've changed the oil and replaced the belt. Improved our bug screen and bought new zincs and some other odds and ends that we needed. Hopefully repairs are done on Tuesday and we can get away at first light on Wednesday. We've altered our plans to NOT go through the North Channel and thereby save over 100 miles. This coupled with several 60+ mile days and we should only be 2-3 days behind our original schedule by the time we reach Port Huron. Our planned anchorages are Mackinack Island, Presque Isle, Harrisburg, Harbor Beach, and then Port Huron. Check your charts! Each of these is a 60 - 70 mile jump and if weather is ok and crew willing we can skip one of these towns and put in one of our 24+ hour runs.

Pics below show the condo we are staying in. Thanks to my old college roommate, Little Scott and his wife Joan for their generosity.

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