Tuesday, June 21, 2005

The long and the short shaft of it...

Good news and bad news from Charlevoix: Good news: The boat can be fixed, realigned, and so forth. The bad news is that the prop shaft is bent which is the ultimate cause of the vibrations in the first place. New shaft will take a week.

That's right a WEEK!

Now the challenge to the trip is to not have Scott's head explode during the coming week.

Stay tuned for more!


Brian said...

Please take pictures of Scott's head exploding

Gracie Liberation Front said...

If it explodes in half - fill the lower portion with sand for Gracie to use...it's only fair.

--Chairman Meow, The GLF

Andrea said...

All this talk of shafts just reminds me of work - in more ways than one....

Persevere, oh mighty sailors. The GLF can keep up it's rhetoric, but we all know that there ain't no friendly ports with repair shops in the desert! (At least not any that wouldn't demand Sue & a goat as payment)

Anonymous said...

I have visions of Enie Marie suspended in the air, engine parts on the ground, and Gracie looking over the side at solid ground, but she cannot reach it.

How sad! Neither at sea or on land.


Gracie Liberation Front said...

"(At least not any that wouldn't demand Sue & a goat as payment)"

Is that where they got the phrase, "One if by Sue, Two if by sea.."????

Apologies to fans of The Ride of Paul Revere.

The GLF wishes to point out that - by next week - Gracie will have spent nearly half this voyage on dry land. To quote Comrade Lenin, "Instant Karma is gonna get you, it's gonna knock you on the head."

Rock On Gracie, Rock On!

Chairman Meow