Thursday, June 30, 2005

Good news & bad news

OK, we were at the Irish Boat shop waiting for the delivery of our new prop shaft. Oh my sweet jesus! Sue says, "There's the FED EX truck!. Be still my pounding heart! Then the nice man (the !) comes out and says, "Mr. Welty (Hey, like I'm still a teacher!) I have good news and bad news."


"prop shaft has in fact been delivered . . . but not the collar that it goes into!"


One more day my johnny, one more day. Oh filet me a boat shop worker, one more day!

(sung to the tune of one more day my johnny...EVERYBODY NOW!)

Maybe some pics tomorrow of Dave the mechanic actually installing our new prop shaft. Or just me driving a rusty rod through Dave's head!

Stay tuned!


Brian said...

Come on--Get moving! I could go to for this stuff.

Andrea said...

It's a conspiracy to get Scott's head to explode.

Gracie Liberation Front said...

Actually, Gracie signed for the second Fed EX package and it's buried at the bottom of her litter pan.

All Hail Gracie!

Chairman Meow

Cindy said...

I'm telling you...the fair ship Enee Marie just needs "corrective pants"...don't ask, unless you're asking Sue.