Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Scott and Sue made it to Rochester, NY. They had a good fast sail with the wind directly behind them. Stay tuned for more details from the actual sailors.

There is supposedly wifi at the harbor they are currently in, but the laptop can't seem to pick it up, so they are frustrated that they can't post details about the sail. But stay tuned faithful readers as good stories and pictures are soon to come!


Brian said...

This travelogue atuff is getting boring. Spice it up with some details of tipped sails or bent propellor shafts

matt c said...

this is matt coiro bartender/inventor www.groovytool.com i read a lot of this blog, it's addictive. I can attest that S&S are good draft beer drinkers, and put a good dent in our Labatt keg. In 1990 I lived in Key Weird, so I am going to try to follow them down. This is the dry way to do it, and I don't think I will get sea sick either....They should have fun in Sodus, next stop.