Saturday, July 09, 2005

Goodbye Lake Huron

As the red arrow will soon show we have left Lake Huron! We are currently in Sarnia Ontario on the St. Clair river across from Port Huron, Michigan. From Rogers City we had to wait for fog to clear. Around Noon we finally left and just made a short hop to Presque Isle. This is a nice forested anchorage. There were about 6 other boats anchored there as well including friends we made in Rogers City: Ann and Andy! I guess we are following them. We love to anchor. There is so much less hassle than finding a marina plus, anchoring is so FREE!

From Presque Isle we sailed to Harrisville.. . . and so did Ann and Andy! This had to be the Mayberry of Michigan. WE were the youngest people in town and the entire town was down at the band shell for some really great music ala Lawrence Welk. But, they had a food store and that is always a plus for us on foot.

Harrisville behind we made the long jump across Saginaw Bay. We started out sailing but the wind pooped out and the day became a long motor-sail for us and our friends the FLYS! Yuk. Down the coast a ways after you cross Saginaw Bay we found good anchoring in Harbor Beach. There is a large wall and a power plant and you can anchor just inside that wall. Guess who else anchored there? It was fun to talk with Ann and Andy and learn from them ideas about anchoring for some of the rest of our trip.

Yesterday we left Harbor Beach and, once again, not much wind so motored with the main up for any push we could get and made our way to the end of Lake Huron. As we entered the buoys that lead into the St. Clair river we noted a freighter coming up from behind. These things travel faster than you would think. Before we got to the river proper, we bailed and circled around to let the big boy pass. At the very end of the buoys you pass under the Blue Water Bridge and are officially in the St. Clair river. We found a marina just a half mile from the bridge...Sarnia Bay Marina. LOTS of empty slips but a pretty nice, art deco marina.

Today we are spending a 'shore leave day' in Sarnia to post this blog (Your Sarnia Office where Richard Mateer helped us do our computer stuff), maybe find some supplies, clean up the boat, fix the water tank and basically catch our breath for the next run. We will anchor somewhere on or near Lake St. Clair tomorrow and then down the Detroit River to anchor in Lake Erie the next day.

Thanks for any and all comments to the blog! When we are out of touch for a few days it is very exciting to look at the blog and see what's there.


Anonymous said...

Hello Scott and Sue-

I'm Rich's brother following your blog from Flushing Michigan. Had to smile at your description of Harrisville as the Mayberry of Michigan. Rich and I spent many summers in Harrisville in the 50's as our parents had a cottage nearby. As far as I know the traffic light in "downtown" Harrisville is still the only one in the entire county. Best Wishes.


Cindy said...

Hey, Sailors
Two lakes down & ??? how many to go? (Your trip is reopening some rusty geography files in my brain.) Hope the winds were fair today (I figure that's sailor talk for "very good" winds...hopefully I haven't just wished you a mediocre sailing experience :-)