Friday, July 08, 2005

Work in progress

Hey all -

This is actually Jason speaking to you from beyond the Web. I wasn't granted the rights to post on this site, but I happen to have Scott's log in, so I'm posting anyway.

I just wanted to mention that the site is undergoing a visual overhaul to improve the general readability (bigger font, wider main column), but is a work in progress. It may appear a bit wonky on some computers until I get it all figured out. Hopefully this will all be fixed soon, but I figure, if the good ship Enee Marie got a week to figure out her problems, then this website should get at least that much time to work out the bugs.

Drop a comment below if you are having any troubles reading this (having to scroll side-to-side or something) and mention the problem and what sort of browser you are using (internet explorer, firefox, magna-doodle, etc...).

-Jason (keeper of the html)

1 comment:

Scott said...

Just viewed the blog on Explorer and the right column is off the screen. Otherwise it looks great!

Thanks for help blogging.