Tuesday, July 05, 2005

7/5/05 Update

I heard from Scott and Sue today, although I could barely hear them through the cell phone static. I did make out that they have made it to Presque Isle which is a little bit north of Alpena. Yes I know, on the map above it looks like they have made it all the way to Alpena, but web girl can't do much about picture resolution.

They for reals hope to make it to Harrisville tomorrow. Stay Tuned!

By the way as you can tell from the picture of Scott below, yes you know the one, with the Old Style, sailor man is just about as happy as he can be. Go Go Sailors!

Gracie don't worry, we are all thinking of you.


Andrea said...

A gun to my head, a pack of rabid wolves at my feet, and a naked Brad Pitt at the top of the mast STILL would have not gotten me in that Flying Walenda Chair. I am IMPRESSED.

Anonymous said...

I know there are more updates but I can't seem to find them. Jack