Monday, March 23, 2009

barnacle follow up

Sue and I went to a clinic today to see about her foot. She rolled it over a couple of weeks ago (dancing) and we thought the swelling should be down but it's not. This is a VERY nice clinic (St. Augustine). I went along to get a second opinion on what had been prescribed from this other doctor in town. Well, he looked at my puffiness and looked at the prescription and said that that is really not the right prescription for what I got. So he gave me a blood test and a different antibiotic and said I should see some results in a couple of days. I hope so. My hand is bigger than every and my face. . . I AM NOT AN ANIMAL!

Sue got an x-ray and looks like she did chip a tiny bone but since she's been walking on it gingerly for 2 weeks he didn't see what a cast would do now and just told her to take it easy and keep it up as much as she can. Telling Sue to take it easy is like telling my dad to vote Republican! Grocery store here I come!

So, both of us got a look see from the doc, blood test, x-ray AND 2 weeks of antibiotic for the total price of about $200 US. And we didn't have to wait for someone to read the x-ray or call for results or hope the doctor called us. I wonder how much all that would have cost in the US?

Here's an actual picture of my left hand! Ouch!