Saturday, March 07, 2009

Progress Continues

Just a quick update. I know you are all breathlessly awaiting every word on the windlass project. Here's a couple more pics showing the construction. You can see the standpipe and the angle iron. Then the same shot with the plywood on top. Waiting for the paint to dry then I can drill the angle iron and mount the windlass. LET'S GO SAILING!!!

Much fun at the tiki bar last night. Happy hour and good pizza. That's me and Kerry. Not sure who that lady is who pushed her way into the picture.

Thankfully there is no picture of Sue and I dancing which ended badly with Sue on the ground with a twisted ankle. I AM hard to follow with my syncopated high stepping!

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Anonymous said...

Just so you know, I still keep up with your blog. But painting and installing windlasses aren't my thing, so I comment very little. We're making it through the last crappy parts of winter up here, I hope. Back from India two weeks ago (no need to go there, everybody--just watch "Slumdog".)

May head for FL in a couple weeks, after the spring breakers get out!

Rich P